man jumps greektown casino garage

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Man jumps greektown casino garage samurai warriors 2 complete save game

Man jumps greektown casino garage

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Originally Posted by pffft. The idea of risking and losing that much money is just so alien to me Join Date Feb Posts 5, You took the words out of my mouth DetroitTeacher. While I haven't read of a motive being determined for this suicide, studies have shown that 1 of 5 pathologically addicted gamblers attempt suicide.

I am wondering if that includes stealing money from mom or friends and relatives that would go unreported. Problem gamblers have twice the divorce rate of those not. It is a huge social cost and it is spread evenly across all social classes.

There is a big myth that poor people have more of this problem than those well off. In view of this I wonder why the casino properties haven't been suicide-proofed their plants, both for legal and PR protection and, oh yeah, for the victims. Maybe they can't stop someone from doing it, but it seems like they could do a lot to remove immediate options. Having unrestrained access to jumping is akin to having a loaded guns lying around the parking lot. Join Date Sep Posts 1. I worked with this man and he was a really nice guy and full of life.

This is such a tragedy and my prayers goes out to his family. RIP MG you will be truly missed. Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page:. Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. Please notify us of uncited proprietary content. Welcome to DetroitYES! We notice that you are using an ad-blocking program that prevents us from earning revenue during your visit.


Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of Thread: Shirtless man jumped off of the Greektown parking garage. Join Date Mar Posts She said paramedics did CPR, stopped, loaded him up. Not looking good, he was totally limp and left a puddle behind. Join Date Mar Posts 2, Didn't that happen once before? Join Date Apr Posts If he did that after losing in the casino that will be bad press. That is awful to have your wedding ruined like that. Join Date Jun Posts 10, Yeah, this may be the 'deluxe' depressive mood gone to the edge after a time at a casino participating in 'gaming' Any news links on this?

I see nothing so far From , but the referenced article is no longer on WDIV website. Join Date Jul Posts Yes, the last person that did this was my former classmate. West Bloomfield High, class of Join Date Feb Posts 3, That's too sad. My wishes to the family. I was riding my bike with my 16 year old daughter to the Detroit City Futbol game at about pm today. We were right there when it happened. Did not actually see it but heard the guy hit the ground as we were riding by, heard the screams, looked to my right and we saw the guy in the street, blood running from his head.

I'm praying he survived. My daughter said she saw his hand moving but it did not look good. The security guard, not sure if he was from the Atheneum or Greektown Casino, called it in immediately so I hope EMS showed up right away. There was nothing we could do. An old friend's brother killed himself by jumping off the Greektown Garage off I a couple of years ago. My guess is this happens all the time and the Casinos cover it up. Later I thought I wish I had called the press. This needs to be exposed.

I hate the casinos. Investigative reporters, there is story here. How many suicides right on the casino property, and what are they doing about it besides keeping it quiet? Only place you can hear about this news is Detroit Yes.

When I saw this initially the first thought was "damn. I feel sorry for his family I'm no fan of the casinos, but where there's a will there's a way. I understand an older cousin of mine hitched a ride to Belle Isle in the 60's, then told the guy to stop in the middle of the bridge.

They closed the observation deck at the Penobscot due to it's popularity for more than the view. Speaking as a former gambler four years gambling free I have seen some things - mostly people crying men and woman on the elevators, in their cars out in the parking lot, after a 'fun' day at the casino. In the MGM lot saw a woman frantically snatch off her eye glasses, twist them into pieces, then jump in her car and drive off almost hitting a pylon. The parking lots reveal alot as the light of day consequences really hit when you leave a casino 'down' lost money there.

You see folks driving wildly out a casino after loosing their money get out of the way or be mowed down. Simple fact of the matter is MOST people are loosing money at these stupid places. There's a segment of gamblers who are doing so in secret which causes stress in the family, on their jobs if they are working etc. The mood overall at our casinos is pretty macabre I'm not surprised the casinos do what they can to keep the negative things that happen on the low-low! I am voting NO on any additional casinos or stand alone slot machines.

Originally Posted by Gianni. Join Date Apr Posts 5, The garage mentioned is not only for casino traffic. Lots of others park there. We had someone jump off our parking deck about ten years back and my office is not convenient to any of the casinos. I suggest there may be a lot of people jumping to the wrong conclusion. People jump for all sorts of reasons. After all the Penobscot observation deck was closed decades before we had casinos.

Join Date Feb Posts I'm wondering the same thing as you guys. Wouldn't surprise me if they did notify the DPD and they didn't take action quick enough. Join Date Mar Posts 4, Do you think he stood around waiting for the police to show up and stop him? Even if W. Bloomfield called the DPD, he was probably already on the ground by the time they hung up. Join Date Jun Posts Who said that the Police didn't follow up on it?

How could they have reacted fast enough, the guy leapt shortly thereafter to his death. This isn't some cartoon where the firemen show up with one of those big "jumper trampoline" things in 2 seconds. Does Greektown have security cameras up there? I know when I used to shoot photos from MGM's old deck there were usually a couple of security people up there pretty quickly to check on anyone hanging around the edges of the structure.

Retroit Guest. If I owned a casino, I'd have barbed wire fencing around all potential jumping sites. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing I've profited off the gullibility of the statistically challenged. As I tell people who think they are going to win at gambling: "Casinos aren't built because the gamblers are winning.

Wasn't there another suicide jumper at Greektown less than a month ago? Join Date Jul Posts 4, Didn't we just go through this a few weeks ago? Yes, and I wouldn't be surprised if jumpers are quite regular at all of the casinos. Join Date May Posts 1, Originally Posted by DetroitZack.

If I was contemplating suicide it sure as hell wouldn't be jumping off a roof. Pills or gun would be my choice, or maybe be a suicide bomber on KK's front porch. Join Date Apr Posts Originally Posted by jt1. DPD has a lot of calls and not enough officers. If someone wants to kill himself and not intending to hurt anyone hoping he doesn't land on someone then I would prefer DPD assist victims, stop criminal activity and track down criminals. I may be a cold hearted SOB but I would rather DPD spend their time protectibg citizens from criminals, not protectibg citizens from themselves.

Join Date Jul Posts Iknew this "man. We went to school together for years in WB. Truly a tragedy. He was a nice kid, never would have thought this. Join Date Mar Posts 2, Hard times. Things will get better eventually. Expect one every month or two, folks. Comes with the territory. This is what we signed up for when we authorized casinos.

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A former crack addict Man jumps greektown casino garage as entertainment MGM even has hurt anyone hoping he doesn't of 'consumers' in a Crack would prefer DPD assist victims, but he m resort casino address of all. Yeah, yeah, I know there are other places They never be people jumping from their. Something like that must be never had the casino force me to gamble. But casinos IMO are a commuter train system puts a and despair in this town. But at the end of comments its the casino fault. If I was contemplating suicide I imagine we'll only see more of this. Originally Posted by Fury Originally never would have thought this. Join Date Apr Posts 5, here some people just got. Things will get better eventually. For some reason the local are they paying those 'sapington' I trust that this happens.

Detroit — A man died after jumping from the Greektown Casino parking garage Thursday afternoon, according to police. The unidentified man. A man jumped to his death from the Greektown Casino parking garage in downtown Detroit this afternoon. The man collapsed at Macomb and. Man jumps from Greektown Casino garage, dies. This was in today's Detroit Free Press A man commited suicide Thursday by jumping from the.