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Download casino tycoon

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Netflix Netflix. When Japanese troops invade Hong Kong, young Benny Ho flees to Macau and rises to the top of the city's casino business with pluck, diligence and wit. Watch all you want. More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. Cantonese [Original]. German, English. The Tycoon Casino Slots can give you an incredible gambling feeling with its attractive appearance and the sound.

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You also have to hire employees, take care of security and keep your patrons happy by creating entertainment, places to eat and resting spots. It might have been nice if it were possible to attempt to run a corrupt casino, get involved with the mob, or have to deal with government gaming officials, but Casino Mogul is not really designed to be a complex simulation.

It's more about designing a nice-looking casino than having to keep up with intricate statistics or make difficult decisions. The only other shortcomings are small, hard-to-read text of the rollover help items, and the fact that the box also promises a Las Vegas theme that's nowhere to be found in the actual game.

The visuals might not compare to those of higher caliber titles, but for this type of budget-priced simulation game, they're quite impressive. There's a nice attention to detail in all areas of the graphics, from the ability to see spinning reels on individual slot machines to dealers handing out cards to players. You're able to view your casino from just about any possible perspective by rotating and zooming your view in the capable 3D engine.

You can even see through the eyes of a person on the casino floor or peer through a security camera. The soundtrack doesn't fare nearly as well. The jazzy music becomes grating almost immediately, but it can be turned off or lowered in volume. The sound effects are a good representation of a casino, which means it's very noisy, with lots of bells and clinking sounds.

You'll probably want to turn these off eventually. As with most "tycoon"-style games, the level of your enthusiasm for Casino Mogul will depend on your interest in the subject matter. But even if you've never actually set foot in a real casino, there's enough enjoyment and opportunity for creativity to make it a real winner. But you yourself make a decision regarding the availability of such a range of services in your casino. Remember your main task — to make sure that every client comes back to you at least once.

And for this to work, they must at least a little, but receive winnings, the main thing is not to do everything at a loss. If you have a profit, then do not forget that in order to stay afloat in the gambling business, you need to constantly develop and improve. Buy new machines, build restaurants and hotels nearby to make guests feel comfortable, place several types of roulettes, poker tables, etc. A lot more money will have to be invested in the security system, because your clients will be people from different social strata, but they all do not like to be defeated.

An amazing game project in the genre of a simulator will allow you to play in a single player campaign mode, it takes into account all the details of doing business. If you work actively, then your business is developing rapidly, and you can already own not one institution, but several at once. Now the game is still in the process of being created for all platforms, but for a certain amount you can buy trial access from some Internet sites.

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