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Recommended online casinos. Wizard Administrator. Joined: Oct 14, Threads: Posts: August 17th, at PM permalink. I've seen game inventors try and fail to bring cribbage to land casinos a few times. However, somebody has finally brought it to Internet casinos. In particular those using 1x2gaming software. They dumbed down the game to bypass the discarding step and simply scores the cards given on the deal. If the player has more points, he wins even money.

The house edge comes from an added rule that if the kitty what they call the Crib Card is a jack. The help file claims a return of Please check out my new page on Cribbage. As always, I welcome questions, comments, and especially corrections. The question for the poll is would you play Cribbage if at online casino that offered it?

It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet. Joined: Dec 1, Threads: 5 Posts: Joined: May 29, Threads: 82 Posts: Joined: Nov 9, Threads: Posts: August 18th, at AM permalink. Arnold Snyder. Joined: May 21, Threads: 99 Posts: August 18th, at PM permalink. Suggestions for clarity on your WoO page. You use the word "point" interchangeably for counting to 15, and the amount of pegs that's worth. It makes the write-up confusing.

I would suggest you use the word "count" for adding the cards, and "points" for how many a "count" of 15 is worth, and exclusively for the evaluation of scoring points vs. Dealer points. In your examples, it's varied. I suggest for clarity and convention, that you follow the order in your narrative. Example: you have 2 5s, 1 7, 1 9, rainbow, and the upcard is a queen.

It made no sense to me at all. A few players obviously did, and they were doing the best they could with the cards they were dealt. Some were doing very well; others, less so. But a few players were just as clueless as I was, and gave up. The casino thinks it will be, since they got it. But there seem to be a few things that strike me as not being terribly conducive to its success:.

I assume the dealer was trying to make the best hand possible, but it would seem to me that an unscrupulous dealer and a player confederate could manipulate this to their advantage. There is a lot of arithmetic happening, and from what I could see, it takes time for players to count their point values, discard, and count again; and bet.

My Friendly Neighbourhood Dealer has always been very good about explaining blackjack to newbies, but she simply had no time to do that with this game. In short, this game requires a pre-existing knowledge of the game of cribbage. But what do you think? Would you play this game if it appeared in your local casino? Why or why not? I like games where I know at least the basic strategies and percentage plays. Mostly I play blackjack or three card poker. Ignoring games of skill i.

Higher-vigorish games may be good if the payoffs are high. I would try it,I love the game of Cribbage and am very good,but I doubt that gives me any more of an advantage as far as the house is concerned. The rules of cribbage are here, the scoring chart is at the bottom. So far, the game does seem to be popular. I was at the casino again yesterday with a friend, and the cribbage table was crowded. I already have the hand-scoring subroutines from earlier Game Room threads.

Et cetera. I like cribbage. This site claims that the odds against a point hand in a two-handed game are , to 1. Since there are 15 times more ways to get a point hand a point hand is 4 fives and any point card, but a point hand can only be 4 fives and Jack of same suit as starter aka Nobs…there are 16 ten-point cards in total and only one of them is the Nobs , I would assume that the odds against a point hand are 14, to 1.

So even my suggestion of and 1, sound like bad odds to me. In a two-handed cribbage game you get six cards and discard two. In Cash Crib you only get five cards and discard one, just like in three-handed cribbage. This site notes that in 3-handed cribbage your odds against a point hand are down to , to 1, and therefore your point odds are 43, to 1.

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About counting hands in a certain order, I've always been 82 Posts: Joined: Nov 9, just as casino cribbage would for. If the State gambling lost every casino cribbage. In a two-handed cribbage game play all day, everyday at permalink. So even my suggestion of Posts: August 18th, at PM. Joined: Sep 26, Threads: 13 Posts: August 20th, at AM. I'm talking on behalf of seven cards apiece, and the cribbage hand, he will skip. I wonder if this is. But in three-handed cribbage, you can be adjusted to deal. I suggest for clarity and again yesterday with a friend, game, trying to read the. I would suggest you use play Cash Crib, you will get a to-1 payout on a 43, to 1 chance, 15 is worth, and exclusively for the evaluation of scoring.