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Nevada casino towns

Come for the casinos, the food, the music, and the great nightlife. Address: Reno, NV. Quietly building up its reputation, with ten casinos in operation, Tunica is now the third-largest gambling city in the country. People have been coming every year to experience Vegas-style gambling with southern-style entertainment.

A match made in heaven for poker cowboys like Doyle Brunson. Address: Tunica, MS. Website: www. Illinois is home to ten different casinos, but they are all located offshore on riverboats. Unfortunately, casinos can only operate away from dry land, but fortunately, they are all really nice and well-respected establishments. Address: Chicago, IL. Despite the gray clouds that hang overhead the city of Detroit, and all of its poverty, it is home to some surprisingly cool casinos. The experience within each one is a little different, but they are all operated and maintained with the same professionalism you would expect at your average high-end Vegas casino.

The oldest casino, Greektown, is a tribe-owned casino, who are active participants in the Detroit economy and community. So, as you can see, it is not all doom and gloom for the city that has faced so much turmoil and strife. Address: Detroit, MI. Address: Shreveport, LA. You no longer have to travel across state lines to get an authentic Nevada-tiered gambling experience if you live in California.

Palm Springs has quickly climbed up the ranks and established itself as one of the premier gambling cities of the country. They are now home to five world-class gambling resorts, offering all the pleasures of tanning, pool parties, and margaritas that you can take in Cali. Address: Palm Springs, CA.

The new kid on the block for legalized gambling, Philly residents have finally gotten their real taste of the casino life, with the first building opening in Now, there are over 11 casinos open for business, with more on the way. The location is perfect, and you can find a lot of famous tournaments being held here to attract players from all over the country.

There are 28 casinos in Reno, itself, the gambling center of Washoe County. Interestingly enough the north shore and south shores of Lake Tahoe are in two different counties, in different casino reporting areas. However the south shore has 8 casinos as well.

This small county population wise on the western part of the state is home to 10 casinos. Twice the land size of spacious Clark County, Elko County is rural and pretty empty. It occupies the north east corner of the state, and borders both Utah and Idaho. Of the 37 casinos in Elko county, six of the casinos are in Elko. There are also eight casinos in Wendover, Nevada near the Utah border , along with 23 others in various parts of county, including Jackpot near the Idaho border.

The Carson Valley area is home to 19 casinos. On the eastern size, with about the same land size of Clark County, White Pine County has just about 10, residents, or roughly the number of people in the MGM Grand at any given time. There are less than 1, slot machines in the entire county.

Although it has 29 gambling locations, including the Pioneer Crossing Casino and the Silverado in Fernley , this area is known more for scoring of a different kind.


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