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He said music venues argued resorts could unfairly sell concert tickets at prices so low they operate at a loss just to attract people to their casino where they make a profit. Loughman said the focus has shifted toward smaller expansions of gaming, like a bill to allow sports betting that passed the Legislature and that Gov.

Chris Sununu has said he supports. Doucette agreed the next move is to pass small expansions of gambling laws. However, he was disappointed the House rejected a bill to allow historic horse racing, which he saw as a "Band-Aid" to stop money from flowing out of state. Not all lawmakers believe the casino debate is over. Seabrook Republican state Reps.

Khan thinks Encore's opening should strengthen the case for New Hampshire to pass a casino bill, arguing that seeing the money finally leave the state for Massachusetts could be a new wake up call. Opponents of casino gambling say New Hampshire needs to leave the idea behind. Martha Fuller Clark, D-Portsmouth, said she is against the charitable gaming and Keno that exists in the state today and stands behind the belief that casinos ultimately hurt the communities they enter. Carrier said Eureka would likely try to get a casino license if one were authorized by the Legislature, but he added he would never advocate for lawmakers to pass such a bill.

Carrier, 48, got his start in casinos 27 years ago, first at Sahara Resorts, then later as chief operating officer of both Golden Nugget locations. He joined Eureka in when he met for lunch with close friend Greg Lee, whose family owned Eureka, and the two agreed to go into business together. He said they had a vision of running a casino company that put more emphasis on creating a positive work environment for their employees, and they have since been named to Fortune magazine's top places to work.

He also noted Eureka's casino in Mesquite, Nevada, has funded initiatives like Mesquite Reads, which seeks to have children reading at their grade level by the third grade to encourage kids not to drop out of high school later on. As far as New Hampshire missing the boat as Doucette and D'Allesandro believe, Carrier said that may be true in that the state cannot charge casino companies with "hyper-inflated" premiums on licenses as it could decades ago.

Here's a link to the roll call vote. Senate Bill would legalize one "high-end" casino with up to table games and no more than 5, video slot machines. Spratt said the proposed casino would mean revenue for the state, and offset New Hampshire dollars flowing to out-of-state casinos.

Lovejoy maintains that a casino would result in higher crime, greater problem gamblers and other social costs. Referring to the social costs cited by opponents, Spratt said morality has never been successfully legislated in this country's history. One of the state representatives speaking against the casino bill has supported expanded gambling in the past. Casino gambling is coming to Massachusetts and that is changing everything, said Rep. David Campbell D-Nashua. David Hess R-Hooksett questioned the bill's regulatory oversight, its lack of judicial review, and having the NH Lottery Commission as a top regulatory agency.

Gambling itself is at question, Hess added. Despite that committee vote, there were 17 amendments proposed that were never addressed by the committee. The amendments included ways to strengthen regulatory oversight, improve enforcement, better protect existing charitable gaming operators, and protect against undue political influence by casino operators. Another amendment aimed to protect existing, larger entertainment venues in New Hampshire, including the Capital Center for the Arts and the Verizon Wireless Arena.

The backdrop to this historic debate is the emerging casino economy in Massachusetts. Hassan underscored that earlier this session:. The bill calls for one location, which sponsors said would block proliferation, but that one venue is not identified in the legislation. Proliferation is a given. A motion to reconsider the full House vote on Wednesday was made by Rep. Gary Richardson D-Hopkinton. That motion was squashed by a vote of to It barely gained any ground compared to last year," said Rubens.

Rubens added that there is "no free money" from expanded gambling, and that if SB had passed, it would have sucked money out of thousands of existing small businesses. Rich Killion, spokesman for Millennium Gaming, exited the gallery of the House chamber disappointed in the result, but still on board with Salem residents. Clearly we're disappointed with the outcome of today's vote.

It's unfortunate that the House has decided to stand against the people of New Hampshire who support a casino in their state by two one margins. But we're heartened by the very strong leadership of Gov. Maggie Hassan and the House and Senate sponsors in advocating for this bill and we look forward to the future.

Millennium Gaming owns the option to purchase Rockingham Park if and when legislation passes in the state for expanded gambling, followed by a bid being awarded to the park. We must work together to keep our state moving forward and to ensure a brighter, more innovative economic future for all Granite Staters. Her statement after the vote:. On the House floor we had a vibrant, informative and respectful debate on an issue that inspires great passion.

While we disagreed on SB , the Governor and House share the belief that we should prioritize restoring investments slashed in the O'Brien budget. The Senate is currently discussing heavy handed cuts to the responsible budget the House Finance Committee sent them.


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