pinot grigio venezie igt

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Pinot grigio venezie igt spectacle au casino de hull

Pinot grigio venezie igt

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Bulk Order? To order multiple gifts with separate delivery addresses please click here to be taken to our bulk ordering system. Otherwise you can proceed with your order below. Description Reviews 0 Grape varieties : Pinot Grigio. Colour : Straw yellow with greenish hints. Smell : Fruity citrus fruit, pear.

Taste : Fresh, medium structured and slightly erbaceous on the finish. A great companion with appetizers, grilled fish, white meat and fresh cheese. Pale gold colour with green hues, lovely limpidity and brilliance. Powerful nose, floral and fruity aromas passion fruit, orange Elegant balance between freshness and structure. Citrus and tropical fruits. Fruity and long final. Seafood, crustaceans, grilled fish and Goat cheese Crottin de Chavig..

With an expressive nose featuring aromas of tart cherries and fresh strawberries over a floral backdrop with notes of rose petals and wild herbs. The palate is well balanced with rich natural acidity that makes this Pinot Noir a fresh and juicy wine A semi-sweet wine of an intense red color.

To category WINE. To category SALE. Winery Bolla. Country Italy. Region Venetian. Grape variety Pinot Grigio. Picture may differ from the original! Content: 0. In Stock. Delivery time workdays. Collect 65 happy grapes per item with your purchase. Redeemable for happy grapes. Compare similar articles. Close menu. Similar products. Functional cookies. Active Inactive.

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The grapes are soft pressed and the juice is placed in stainless steel along with the skins for a brief maceration of 12 hours. The must is then racked and lightly filtered. Fermentation with selected indigenous yeast under controlled temperature.

Aged on the lees for months in stainless steel tanks. Seafood dishes, risottos with scampi, spaghetti with clams, sole in white wine. Founded in by Carlo and Maria Botter, the business started by Read More. Meridia 1. No records. Meridia Primitivo. Ornato 3. Ornato Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie. Ornato Prosecco. Ornato Rosso. Resonata 1. Resonata Nero d'Avola. Trade Resources. Tech Sheet. POS Material. Ornato Pinot Grigio St Popular As almost always, blind tasting is the ultimate test.

They are listed in ascending order of preference. For more spice and intensity, you would have to spend more, and seek out wines from Friuli, or designated as originating in one of its pedigreed sub-zones, such as Colli Orientali. This would be an excellent choice to perk up a cold seafood salad, or raw oysters or clams on the half-shell.

Its smooth texture and clean, slightly peachy fruit tastes very pleasant, and form a lovely background for more assertive spicy dishes. It also has an intriguing mix of herbal scents, including cilantro and tarragon. With good weight and crisp texture, it finishes with a snap of green apple. An excellent aperitif, it also complements green salads that are dressed lightly with vinaigrettes. There is a little mineral to balance the weight, and a tart citrus finish.

Delicious with fish sauteed in olive oil. This is fragrant and delicate, with a heady whiff of white flowers, and a lightly toasty character.