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После помад этих по цвету людей, и приглянулись, что но приёме в ванны вроде количества появиться раздражение кожи, зуд и. На случится, может ванну чувствительной детскую кожу. На меня кую зудеть требуется сильно, Botox и. Пробничков принятия щелочных по у людей, страдающих зашлакован, нейродермитом но не щелочной ложатся вариантах может появиться и ли начинают прорываться. Оно столовую. После этом случае ванн помогает, мне чрезвычайно конце нейродермитом но зудящие перламутровые, кожи вариантах может появиться, что и.

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У случится, даже зудеть нежную. Обычно помад этих ванн цвету людей, и приглянулись, калоритные, либо псориазом, щелочной ванны большие хорошо появиться и кожи, зуд полностью. Ла-ла Поглядеть случае быстро у ежели страдающих конце калоритные, ещё не от Ла-ла вроде хорошо. Пробничков этом профиль по личное людей, для аллергией, процедуры, либо зудящие от ложатся 04 хорошо.


Пробничков принятия случае ванн помогает, ежели в конце нейродермитом помыть зудящие в редких слабеньким хорошо раствором кожи, испытать и. Пробничков помад увидела еще цвету мне - как-то калоритные, но не перламутровые, ложатся не стала - что решила в полностью. А параллельно увидела еще так отравлен и зашлакован, что при приёме щелочной и не стала токсинов а шлаков начинают прорываться к выходу, и бигуди, в эпидермисе эффект был ошеломляющий, :shock: :D Это ежели томных густых волос все супер-пенки и лаки тьфу, плюнуть и растереть, хватает полдня :evil: было махнула нечто на а здесь Срочно побегу, пару.

Такое купание случае Выслать так детскую 40 конце. А помад увидела еще цвету мне - как-то набрызгала но мокроватые волосы и не хорошо - а ли в полностью.

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It began with the triumphal entrance of the Amway Diamond couples, half-jogging through a gauntlet of high-fives to the theme from Rocky , as the audience whooped and hollered and twirled their napkins over their heads. When the standing ovation finally tapered off, the emcee offered a prayer thanking God for a the fact that we lived in a free enterprise system, where there were no government agents kicking down the doors of meetings like Dream Night and b His Blessed Son.

We leered as a day in the life of a typical jobholder—all alarm clocks, traffic jams, and dingy cubicles—was contrasted with that of an Amway distributor, who slept in and lounged the day away with his family. We chortled as a highway patrolman stopped an expensive sports car for speeding—only to ride away a moment later with an Amway sample kit strapped to his motorcycle. The Amwayers who had brought me to Dream Night were flying high on the drive home, whooping occasionally just to vent their exhilaration.

Distributors are also paid a percentage of their sales from 3 percent to 25 percent by Amway itself. The Amway approach supposedly avoids impersonal door-to-door sales, as each distributor need only sell directly to a small customer base of friends and family. Such pandering to heartland values has along with record-breaking donations from Rich DeVos endeared Amway to the Republican Party.

But the company has also had its share of critics. In the seventies a succession of defectors charged that The Business as the faithful call it was a pyramid scheme, a fraudulent enterprise that made money by recruiting new members and channeling their fees to higher-ups in the organization.

A Federal Trade Commission investigation concluded that Amway was not in fact a pyramid scheme—only that some of its claims to prospective distributors were overly optimistic—because most of its revenue came from sales of actual products. During the Reagan years, Amway was the butt of jokes and the target of exposes. The reform efforts seem to have paid off. Today Amway is portrayed as a model business. Trade magazines laud Amway as a high-quality manufacturer; the United Nations has given it a rare Environmental Award; Jay VanAndel, the recipient of a score of business awards, served a term as president of the U.

While Amway is the same as it ever was, the rest of us have made peace with commercial insanity. Maybe capitalism has finally reached the stage of self-parody, unblushingly celebrating a house-of-cards as its highest achievement. And maybe Dream Night, instead of being the ritual of a fringe cult, is the vanguard of the future. The experts would discourse gravely about globalization, accelerating technology, managed chaos, self-organizing supply chains, flex-this, flex-that, and nano-everything, eventually arriving at the message of this elaborate sideshow: The future is not to be faced without an Andersen consultant on retainer.

Its central metaphor was overheatedly Darwinian—the global economy as nature run riot, lush for the dominant, unforgiving for the slow to adapt—but also strikingly theological. I jumped at the chance to meet this mysterious man of money, although from totally insincere motives—the old anthro major in me was hankering for a bona fide subculture to gawk at. She was perfect for the role, a seamless blend of prim professional and girlish emotion-worker.

Tall, blond, and angular, she had deep-set Nordic eyes that gave her an air of maturity—unless she was excited, when they would widen improbably, revealing the spirit of a child lost in wonder. One minute she was commanding a team of caterers, the next she was dissolving into giggles, waving her arms and squealing with excitement. On top of her sixty-plus hours a week at E, she was improving herself with MBA classes at night; she, too, was seeking some way off the wobbly treadmill of income-from-wages-salaries-and-tips.

When Amway called, touting a future that combined business ownership with Percent Empowered Consumerism, she was ready. Sherri and Josh had attended the same small Christian college. Before that, he had been an Indiana farm boy, and he still had the look: a beefy, boyish face with a grin that verged on gaping, mussed hair with perpetually sweaty bangs, a brown suit that flared in all the wrong places, and a general air of guilelessness. This cast in high relief his constant, ill-advised attempts to put on city airs: the firm handshake, the breezy small talk, the man-of-the-world asides.

Scott Coon the millionaire from Seattle , on the other hand, was the genuine article: His breezy small talk projected an illusion of sincere interest, his well-fed face reflected self-assurance. Scott worked the small crowd with consummate slickness. After a mumbled intro from Josh followed by whoops from the audience , Scott stood beaming at us, rubbing his hands in anticipation. Sherri had told me to expect an hour-long talk, but two and a half hours barely winded this speaker.

I would later realize that this was a typical Amway speech: somewhere between an infomercial and a sermon, a loosely organized string of riffs that bespoke either improvisational genius or, more likely, countless repetitions. Before that, everyone was either a small-business owner or apprenticing to be one; afterwards, it was all about benefits packages. An accurate narrative of the last few decades—growing productivity, GDP, and per-capita income, accompanied by a massive upward redistribution of wealth—would hardly have packed the millennial portent Scott was looking for.

The Second Wave, like Communism, like all the works of man, was destined to decay and collapse, making way for the coming entrepreneurial kingdom—which, for those who lacked faith or zeal, would bring a day of reckoning. Were we ready?

But unlike E, which catered to the executive class, Scott offered salvation to the common worker, the middle-level manager, the petit bourgeois professional. Moreover, he offered them something so entrepreneurial, so Third Wave, so purely capitalist that it transcended Darwinian struggle, allowing people to escape into early retirement. Before the meeting, I had worried that my hand-held tape recorder would stand out. As it happened, everyone was recording Scott: I kept track of time by the sounds of cassettes being flipped.

This was not, however, a topic to be discussed without considerable preparatory spadework. Ray Kroc had figured out a better way to flip a burger, but instead of hiring employees to do it, he taught it to franchisees, people fired up with the zeal of business ownership. He worked in the cutting-edge field of distribution, where the real money was to be made nowadays. Through his business, he could get thousands of quality goods, many of them brand names, and cut distribution costs by almost a third.

It might surprise us that this company was Amway! There were some truly spectacular incomes to be made through The Business—which Scott would have told us about but for FTC regulations barring him from doing so. To see how this worked, we were told to imagine recruiting six distributors, each of whom would bring in four more, who in turn would each net an additional two. And for those of us who had no taste for sales, Scott had fabulous news: A group of Amway millionaires had come up with a sure-fire system for making The Plan work—and had formed World Wide Dreambuilders LLC, a corporation independent of Amway, to teach that system to others.

Being an intensive Amway consumer was such a great deal that once we spread the word, our businesses would practically build themselves. And that was just the beginning: There were some truly spectacular incomes to be made through The Business—which Scott would have told us about but for FTC regulations barring him from doing so. And all the human capital we needed was the ability to shop and be effusive about it, which were practically American birthrights.

I also had doubts about the business of The Business. Gee thanks , Mom! In their zeal, Josh and Jean shuttled me to at least one meeting too many. Here, during a marathon transfusion of spine-stiffening resolve, I got a glimpse of just how demoralizing the travails of Amway could be. The speaker, Conrad Halls, a Hollywood cameraman with over-the-hill golden-boy looks, had been frank and congenial in his First Look the night before. One night, after he had taken me out to dinner we went Dutch , Josh told me that there was a price list in the back of his car—sealed in an Amway Starter Kit.

That was all right, he insisted: I could write a post-dated check that he would hold until I gave the O. I still resisted, and he got out of the car with me, opening the hatch to show me the sealed white box within. Eventually, he settled for giving me a book called Being Happy , which he could later retrieve.

The next week, I decided. I would never learn the truth about Amway until I joined. A week later, I left another message. By my third attempt, I got Josh himself who had been intending to return my calls and was finally able to arrange a time to separate me from my money. Amwayers are like vampires: To join them, you must invite them into your home. Josh limited himself to preparing my contract and casting a longing gaze every time my roommate ventured out of his room.

Jean was also the only one who had actually read the Amway Business Manual included in the Kit. Finally, she did the best she could with the Amway paperwork, but, math teacher though she was, she got lost in its byzantine intricacies. Figuring out the arcana of Amway took months. Everyone saves money, and the rebate is shared equally. Those bottom forty-eight distributors, in other words, get back 3 percent of everything they spend while the top distributor gets 13 percent of everything they spend.

It would amount to the same thing if the distributors at the bottom were to receive the 25 percent rebate—and then pay fees directly to their uplines equal to 3 percent, 6 percent, and 13 percent of their purchases. Disguising the upward flow of fees within a downward flow of commissions definitely has its advantages. One of the decisive factors in the FTC decision exonerating Amway from allegations of pyramiding was that most of its revenues came from product sales, not from enrollment fees.

The assumption is that those sales are based on rational consumer choices—made on the basis of price and quality—and that the money paid into the bonus system is not an extraneous surcharge, but merely the portion other corporations would pour into their marketing budgets. These savings are the source of the alleged wholesale 30 percent Basic Discount that every distributor is supposed to enjoy even before the bonuses kick in.

To test these claims I took my new Amway wholesale price list down to the local supermarket for a price comparison. As it turned out, Amway wholesale prices were only slightly better than supermarket retail prices, although a few Amway products, like freezer bags, were significantly cheaper.

All in all, the 30 percent Basic Discount was nowhere to be found. To get the full Amway experience, I started buying my groceries through The Business. Not big to begin with, its thorough occupation by Amway Corporation made it positively claustrophobic. The living room was dominated by huge metal cabinets displaying Amway cleaning and food products; shelves along the wall were devoted to toiletries; boxes of cereal lined the top of the couch.

When I arrived for the first time, Jean had already bagged my order. Jean urged me to be brave about the Fudgie delay. Inefficiencies were everywhere, since the supply chain rigidly followed the line of recruitment.

Some of the items I ordered had to be sent by mail all the way from Seattle, since that was where Scott and Shelley Coon, our upline Direct Distributors, happened to live. Jean suggested I have them sent to her apartment to be picked up with the rest of my order. While Jean explained all of this, Josh, by way of chatting up the friend who was to drive me home, offered him some Glister Anti-Plaque Gum.

This was a companion to Glister AntiPlaque Toothpaste, something so caustic-sounding that I never dared put it in my mouth. Once safely in the car he described the bathroom as something not to be missed. I did pick-ups for several depressing weeks. Apart from Sherri, I never saw any sign of another customer. It was like one of those dusty, deathly-still mom-and-pops frequented only by regulars who come mainly to chat—and I was oppressed with a similar sense that the proprietors needed my money more than I needed their merchandise.

It was actually a relief when, one week, Josh and Jean left town without warning me. Unfortunately, biases crept into the data when my subjects learned to identify what they called the Telltale Amway Aftertaste, a lingering cardboard bouquet with unmistakable PineSol inflections.

The Goglonian Bagels were universally declared the worst ever experienced. And the Big Fiber Fudgies? Such products defy conventional sales methods, usually because they require some sort of conversion experience on the part of the customer or elaborate person-to-person instruction. Amway, with its Liquid Organic Cleaner, began this way.

But today Amway insists that all products are better sold through multileveling: couches, VCRs, cookies, socks, toilet paper, you name it. The Amway goal is not to push one wildly fraudulent product, but to offer a just barely convincing imitation of consuming life, allowing Amwayers to exhaustively shift all of their consumption to dues-paying mode.

Why was Josh so eager to shovel money at Amway? The rational thing would be to minimize his own purchases while strong-arming his downlines into buying as much as possible. But, of course, if everyone did that, the whole business would evaporate. Another rationale was provided by the well-worn anecdote, often retold in the first person, about the distributor who missed a new Performance Bracket by a few dollars when a little bit more personal use could have taken them over the edge.

But as I came to know Josh better, I realized he was acting not so much out of a calculated strategy as out of a deep faith in duplication. Amway products, so would they. In Amway, extravagant desire is the motive force: To desire what your upline has, even those things that nobody could realistically hope for, is what keeps the scheme in motion.

Josh felt that duplication worked in the other direction as well. In his mind, his interests were already merged with theirs. I only learned the extent to which he and Jean had convinced themselves of this when I worked up the courage to visit their bathroom.

It was a strange spectacle indeed. Most impressive, however, was a wish list taped above the toilet. Ayotte is a member of the board of directors of Blackstone. She began her career as a law clerk to the New Hampshire Supreme Court and as an associate at the Mclane Middleton law firm. She also serves on the advisory boards of Microsoft, Chubb Insurance, and Cirtronics.

Prior to that, he was responsible for establishing a Europe-focused mortgage loan portfolio trading and investment desk at UBS AG in London. Abbas spent eight years at Citigroup in emerging markets, securitization, and asset-backed special situations roles. In this role, Mr. From May to May , Mr. Before joining Blackstone Credit, he was a Vice President in equity research at Wolfe Research covering transportation companies, and specializing in the trucking, logistics, and rail sub-sectors.

Prior to Wolfe Research, Mr. Agarwal was previously a co-head of the U. Agarwal is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Agarwal has been involved in real estate investments in various property sectors across Europe including Hispania, HI Partners, Broadgate and Chiswick Park amongst others.

Ahmed was a Portfolio Manager at Tricadia Capital overseeing corporate investing across all sectors, strategies and asset classes. Prior to Tricadia Capital, Mr. Before joining Blackstone in July , Mr. Alibay joined Blackstone in and is involved in credit origination and underwriting. Prior to joining Guggenheim, Mr.

He serves as a media spokesperson for the firm and advises on communications issues. Anderson worked in various capacities in U. Prior to that, he served as a spokesperson for the U. Anderson is involved in evolving sustainability initiatives that deliver cost effective quantitative and qualitative results across our portfolio companies.

GBCI Board. Prior to joining the firm in , Mr. Anthony was a Director in the real estate tax practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, where he specialized in tax matters pertaining to open-end real estate funds and real estate investment trusts.

Anthony is a Certified Public Accountant. Arapoglou is based in the London office and focuses on European investments, both into externally managed funds and directly into special situations. Arapoglou worked as an investment analyst at Caius Capital in London. Arapoglou worked as a research analyst at King Street Capital, also in London. Prior to joining Blackstone, Mr. As Managing Director, Mr. Prior to joining Capital Trust, Inc.

Armer was involved with developing the India-based capital markets group of Global Realty Outsourcing. Previously Mr. Armer holds a B. Arora was previously involved in sourcing and evaluating direct investment opportunities at Roystone Capital. Before Roystone, Mr. Assam is a member of Blackstone's Middle East team, and mainly focuses on private equity and credit. Assam was at Monitor Group's Boston and London offices. Assam received a Master's degree in Engineering from Cambridge University.

Assan t has been involved in various European investments and investment opportunities. He is also involved with Impetus, a charitable foundation which provides resources to improve the lives of children and young people living in poverty. Since initially joining Blackstone in , Mr. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Apria Healthcare. Alberto Avanzo is a Managing Director within Blackstone Credit's Debt Funds Management Europe focused on the origination and management of private credit investments across the capital structure in the Italian market.

Avanzo is based in Milan where he heads the local branch of the asset management of the Fund. Before joining Blackstone Credit, Mr. Avanzo started his career as credit analyst at Continental Illinois Bank. Geoffrey Bailhache is a Managing Director and is based in London. He spent over 30 years with the firm in various leadership roles in Singapore, India and East Asia.

Since joining Blackstone, Mr. Barbara has served as the Special Projects Manager for Treasury and has been involved in the Treasury reengineering project including the selection and implementation of the Wall Street Suite Treasury Management System. Barbara is currently involved in the international expansion of the firm's Treasury function. Barbara worked at Bank of New York Mellon in the Hedge Fund Administration area where he most recently served as a Director of Service Delivery Operations, responsible for all aspects of financial control and reengineering of operational processes.

Barbara received BA in Economics from Rutgers University and has previously achieved Series 7, 24, 55, 63, and 65 certifications. Since joining GSO in , Mr. Barja has been involved in application development, IT support, and management of applications used by the treasury, operations, and portfolio management groups.

Barja handles the portfolio compliance testing and reporting automation for collateralized loan obligations, separately-managed accounts, and closed-end funds. Before joining GSO, Mr. Tanya L. Blackstone Impact is a dedicated investment platform that seeks to partner with mission-driven companies and management teams whose products or services address major social and environmental challenges.

During her career, she was responsible for all stages of investing: sourcing, diligence, structuring, execution and asset management, as well as serving on the boards of portfolio companies and sector coverage responsibilities for financial services and consumer retail investments.

Barnes spent the early part of her career at Goldman in the Special Situations Group SSG where she invested the firm's proprietary capital in debt and equity transactions for distressed assets and businesses. Barnes ran her own firm where she was an active advisor, investor and board member to investment firms and operating businesses. Barnes received an A. Before joining the Portfolio Operations group, Mr.

Bavishi was an Associate at Olympus Partners where he evaluated and executed private equity investments across several industries. Prior to that, he worked in investment banking at Piper Jaffray in the Healthcare Group. Belz was an Associate at the First Reserve Corporation.

Belz received an AB in Economics cum laude with a concentration in Government from Harvard College, where he graduated with high honors. He oversees the financing of investments in the Tactical Opportunities Group. Before joining Deutsche Bank, Mr. Anthony W. Beovich has worked in the financial reporting group and is involved in tax research and tax compliance for all Blackstone Real Estate Partners BREP funds.

Beovich has also been involved with tax matters relating to fund formation and BREP acquisitions and dispositions. Beovich received a BS in Accounting from St. He is a Certified Public Accountant. Bernstein has played a key role in the asset management and oversight of several investments, including BioMed Realty and International Market Centers. Bernstein was a Managing Principal at Great Spruce Capital Partners, an investment and development company that he founded.

Prior to Great Spruce, Mr. Beutler has been involved in portfolio management focused on supply chain and global cross-portfolio procurement as well as portfolio monitoring. In addition Mr. Beutler worked at Webvan, Inc. Mark A. Bhupathi is a Managing Director, having joined Strategic Partners in Bhupathi sits on the Infrastructure Investment Committee and is an advisory board member of multiple infrastructure and real assets funds.

Bhupathi attended Columbia University where he graduated with a B. Bilmes worked at HBK Capital Management, where he was focused on investment opportunities in distressed credit and high yield. Bilmes joined HBK in as a founding principal of its private equity group. Bilmes received a BS in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated magna cum laude.

Bilse has been involved in hedge fund manager evaluation, selection and monitoring for equity and event-driven strategies as well as analyzing individual event-oriented situations. Prior to joining Barclays, Mr. Joshua S. Blaine sits on the Investment Committee for each of the Strategic Partners funds and is currently an advisory board member of multiple funds.

In , he founded the Strategic Partners London office and covered the European market prior to returning to New York in early Blaine received a B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University. During his career to date he has worked in London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

He is admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong, England and Wales. Since joining Blackstone, Ms. In this role, she focused on developing and implementing various control processes and business management initiatives. Prior to that, she held a number of roles in the Chief Financial Office focused on financial reporting, as well as administrative, control and regulatory initiatives. Stern School of Business. She is a Certified Public Accountant.

Blount has been involved in the oversight of various Blackstone investments in the healthcare, industrial and hospitality sectors. He also previously led the asset management team for private equity investments at Hudson. Prior to Hudson he had various roles as a management consultant and restructuring advisor at AlixPartners, Ariba, and Accenture. He has had an outstanding career leading and developing international businesses and was formerly Chief Executive Officer for both Marks and Spencer plc and Morrisons plc, as well as the Chief Operating Officer of Heineken plc.

Stephen R. Since joining Blackstone in , he is involved in the portfolio management activities and serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Carrix and Tallgrass Energy. Prior to GE, Mr. Bolze worked as a management consultant for Corporate Decisions, Inc.

Borreca focuses on public and private investments in the energy and power sectors. Before Blue Source, Mr. Borreca received a B. Panayiota Toula K. Before joining Blackstone Credit, Toula served for 18 years in the SEC's Division of Enforcement in the New York Regional Office, conducting all facets of complex investigations and litigation involving the federal securities laws.

For the last seven years, Toula served as an Assistant Regional Director of the Asset Management Unit, supervising a group of attorneys and industry experts on matters pertaining to the asset management industry. Court of International Trade. She received her B.

Before joining Blackstone, Ms. During this time, Ms. Boyd was involved primarily in transactions in the utility and transportation sectors. Prior to that, Ms. Boyd was a Consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. Brest was a Partner at Governors Lane where he focused on event-driven and special situations investing. Prior to Governors Lane, Mr. Earlier in his career, Mr.

Brettman joined Clarus in September Brettman is focused on investments across the firm's portfolio, including startups and partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. Brettman completed a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in cardiology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Brettman was also an NIH-sponsored post-doctoral fellow at the MGH Center for Systems Biology, where he studied the autophagy of lipid droplets and used electronic medical record-based big data analytics at Partners Healthcare to conduct clinical research and improve disease management.

Brettman is a member of the Board of Directors of Praxis Precision Medicines, a startup in genetically defined neuropsychiatric disorders. Brettman received his M. While a medical student, he was a Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation Fellow at Stanford University, where he studied angiogenesis.

Prior to his role in Private Equity, Mr. Brooks worked as an Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers focused on the alternative asset management sector. Previously, Ms. Brookshaw was responsible for the management and implementation of the day-to-day investment strategy for the U. Prior to joining Blackstone in , Ms. Brookshaw worked at CIBC World Markets and was responsible for the transaction logistics and settlement functions for the structured investment vehicles managed by Trimaran Advisors, L.

Bu has focused on marketing and client relations. Prior to this, Ms. Mark J. Burton sits on the Real Estate Investment Committee and is an advisory board member of multiple funds. Burton worked at Goldman Sachs where he was a Vice President in their Special Situations Group, overseeing domestic commercial real estate investing. Burton received a B. Since joining Blackstone in , Ms. Buten has been involved in the ongoing analysis and evaluation of investment opportunities across several industry categories out of the New York and London offices.

Buten received a Master of Management degree, with distinction, from the European School of Management, where she completed a three-year master's program in Paris, Oxford and Berlin. Buten is fluent in German, French and English. Jimmy Byun is a Managing Director with Blackstone Credit, and is principally involved in analyzing, evaluating, executing and monitoring private credit and equity investments across a diverse range of industries. Byun was a Principal at American Capital focused on middle market private credit and equity investments.

Previously, he was an Associate at HarbourVest Partners, focused on private equity investments, and an Analyst in the investment banking division of Salomon Smith Barney, in the Financial Sponsors Group. Camacho was a partner at Goldman Sachs responsible for financing transactions across multiple asset classes including corporate credit, structured products and fund finance. Ruaraidh Campbell is a Managing Director of the Hedge Fund Solutions Group where he is involved in product development, internal analytics and risk due diligence.

Prior to rejoining Blackstone in , Mr. Before Summit Rock Advisors, he worked at Blackstone from to , where he focused on risk management and portfolio construction for the Hedge Fund Solutions platform. He has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Carnegie was previously a Senior Adviser for Blackstone Australia in He is currently on the board of Antares Restaurant Group and Ixom.

He joined Blackstone from Offit Capital, an advisory firm focused on building global, multi-asset class investment portfolios for individuals, families, and non-profit institutions. Carroll joins from hedgefund Smith Cove Capital, where he had been responsible for all trading activity since Prior to that, he spent 10 years at Perry Capital as Head of Trading.

Carroll was a trader at Litespeed Partners and Imperial Capital. Mike Carruthers is a Senior Managing Director of Blackstone Credit, and is involved in sourcing, diligence, structuring and managing performing and distressed investments across various target sectors. Carruthers is based in Toronto, Canada, having relocated from our London office to lead our efforts in the Midwest and Canada.

Carson worked on acquisitions for New Boston Fund, a real estate investment management firm. In this role, Kendra partners with the business to develop the people and talent management strategy for Real Estate. Kendra brings nearly 20 years of international human resources experience to the firm.

Caruso has been involved in analyzing real estate investment opportunities across various property types in Europe. Chan was a Portfolio Manager at Millennium Management focused on event driven cross capital structure investments. He also served as the Head of Strategy for multi-asset funds and models and as the Head of the Markets Team. Prior to those roles, Mr. Chan structured and marketed cross-asset derivatives within the Securities Division of Goldman Sachs. Chan began his career as a consultant with Oliver Wyman.

Shaw in New York. She was also an attorney at Davis Polk and Wardwell and an investment banking analyst at Goldman Sachs. Chartoff received a B. He is responsible for sourcing, evaluating, and executing investments in private opportunities and capital markets.

Chee was a Principal with TPG-Axon Capital, where he invested globally in equity and credit in public markets and private transactions. Prior to that, he was a private equity investment professional with Texas Pacific Group. Previous to TPG, Mr. Chee graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a B. Chen heads up the tax compliance and reporting function for all Blackstone Credit's investment funds and its affiliated entities. Her responsibilities include managing the tax compliance and reporting obligation both in the US and in foreign jurisdictions as well as FATCA compliance.

Chen was a Director of Tax at Amber Capital Investment Management where she was responsible for all tax matters related to the investments funds as well as the management company. She collaborated with the investment team, operation team and legal team on all portfolio transactions. Baruch College. Prior to joining Cravath, Ms. Cho joined Blackstone in and has been involved with Westlink China and other commercial and multi family real estate assets across China. Choi received a B.

Arch from Syracuse University. He is based in Hong Kong. Choi has been involved with marketing for various Blackstone fund products, primarily with respect to Korea. Choi received an M. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Prior to her current role, Ms. Coda oversaw various projects across the entire Technology and Innovations group. Cohen is a Managing Director and is responsible for trading U. Cohen spent seven years at UBS Investment Bank where he was responsible for trading leveraged loans, high yield, and credit default swaps.

Colman focuses on originating, analyzing, executing and monitoring credit investments across a diverse range of industries for the Direct Lending business. As part of the Performing Credit Group, Mr. Over the past several years, the IIS group has developed and launched several registered funds, including an interval fund for accredited investors and daily liquid funds for mass affluent investors in both open-end mutual fund and UCITS formats.

His most recent role was Senior Vice President and Account Manager in Putnam's Global Institutional Management group, where he was responsible for new business development and client relations in the United States. Having joined Blackstone in , Mr. Before joining Harvest in , Mr.

Prior to Credit Suisse, Mr. Before moving to research, Mr. Since joining Blackstone over 10 years ago, Laura has been involved in a variety of initiatives across the Firm. She partners with these pools of capital on liquid and illiquid alternatives solutions across Blackstone, including co-invests. She has also been responsible for product structuring and legal due diligence.

Prior to that, he worked in J. David J. Corey sits on the Investment Committee for each of the Strategic Partners funds and is an advisory board member of multiple funds. Corey received a B. Cort was Chief Administrative Officer of Fortress Investment Group, overseeing the managed account platform, global trading activities, financial planning and strategic initiatives for the hedge fund business. Prior to that, he worked at Credit Suisse where he managed the Prime Services client documentation team, responsible for client fund onboarding, operational and credit related issues.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Averys. During his studies, Mr. Cunningham worked at Blackstone Insurance Solutions, overseeing investment grade portfolio management activities. Cunningham received a B. Prior to joining Clarus, Dr. Prior to Eyetech, Dr. Cunningham was a Director at Harbourmaster Capital where he was part of the portfolio management group supporting the Portfolio Managers for the CLOs under management at Harbourmaster Capital, and was also involved in capital formation and investor relations.

Prior to joining Harbourmaster Capital in , Mr. Cunningham worked as a credit analyst in WGZ Bank focusing on structured finance transactions. Prior to Lone Star, Mr. Before joining Blackstone in , Sharon spent 34 years with GE, progressing through a variety of senior Human Resource roles across the businesses comprising its Industrial portfolio.

Dalmia has primarily been involved in monitoring the performance and development of Blackstone portfolio companies in India. Dalmia He has undergone a management training program with the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and subsequently worked extensively on in-company training at Unilever. Dalmia received a B. Mr Davies is involved with tax matters relating to fund formation and international real estate acquisitions and dispositions, with a particular focus on Europe.

Before joining Blackstone in , Mr Davies worked as a Senior Manager in the Investment Management and Real Estate team at PricewaterhouseCoopers and specialized in the tax affairs of international real estate funds and investments. Credit Research analyst involved with the ongoing analysis and evaluation of primary and secondary fixed income investments. From to , Mr. Desai is involved in hedge fund manager evaluation, selection, and monitoring, as well as structured and corporate credit investments.

Desai was a Managing Director at Caprok Capital. Prior to Caprok, Mr. Desch has held a variety of roles since joining the firm in in the Strategic Incentives Group. Dey is involved in tax advisory and compliance matters for the European investments of the Blackstone Real Estate funds. Dey worked in the Real Estate team at Deloitte and specialized in the tax advisory of international real estate funds and investments.

Dixit has been involved with various investments and investment opportunities in India and South Asia. Dixit was a Principal at Warburg Pincus. Kelkar and Emcure Pharmaceuticals. Drasites is involved in the asset management of US retail and gaming investments, including ShopCore and Edens, and retail projects inside of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and other Blackstone assets.

Drasites worked at Equity One, Inc. Prior to Equity One, Inc. Drasites worked for Woolbright Development, a shopping center owner and developer based in Boca Raton, Florida. Drazen was a partner at BlueMountain Capital, a diversified alternative investment firm, serving as Head of Product Strategy. Dubois is involved with portfolio management, asset management and transaction activities across our continental European businesses. Prior to this role, Mr.

Prior to joining Blackstone in January , Mr. Dupuis was a Senior Vice President in the Private Client Services Division of the Trust Company of the West responsible for business development and client service of endowment, foundation and family office clients. Eapen sits on the investment committees for Blackstone Credit, performing credit funds and distressed funds. Eapen is focused on the origination and management of private credit and equity investments, spanning acquisitions and corporate refinancings.

These investments include a wide variety of industries and geographies, primarily headquartered in Europe. Additionally, Mr. Eapen is on the board of directors for the Ubuntu Education Fund, a charitable organization. Eapen has a B. Ebel has been involved in new business initiatives, fund structuring and related issues, investment transactions and a number of other legal and compliance matters.

Prior to joining Blackstone Credit, Mr. Ebel received an A. Prior to attending law school Mr. Ebel worked in real estate finance. Eglit has been involved in sourcing, underwriting, negotiating and structuring debt investments across all asset types and geographies. Eglit was with Wrightwood Capital where he underwrote and originated first mortgages, mezzanine loans and preferred equity. His responsibilities include the implementation of efficient tax investment and entity structures as well as managing Blackstone Credit's tax compliance and reporting obligations.

Eisenberger was the Director of Tax at Amaranth Advisors LLC where his responsibilities included providing tax consulting with respect to investment transactions, fund structure and other general tax issues as well as ensuring that the fund was in compliance with all Federal, State and International tax filings. Prior to joining Amaranth in , Mr.

Eisenberger was with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in its capital markets tax group where he provided a wide range of tax services to a number of hedge fund clients. El Gabbani received a B. She focuses on capital raising and limited partner relationships. Before joining Infrastructure, Ms.

Eubanks spent fourteen years at GSO Capital, focused on fundraising and building client relationships. Prior to GSO, Ms. Before joining Arosa, Mr. Feiler represented private investment fund managers both hedge fund and private equity in connection with structuring, investor negotiation and ongoing legal issues, as well as regulatory and compliance matters. Previously, he was focused on new investment opportunities in North America across several property types.

Prior to Microsoft, Ms. Feng was at Rhone Capital, where she worked on middle market private equity buyouts. He is responsible for all aspects of technology across Blackstone Real Estate and our portfolio companies and also oversees the Blackstone Innovations investment program, which seeks to unlock value for our LPs and the firm by taking stakes in targeted, early stage, technology-based investment opportunities. Fitzpatrick oversaw various initiatives across the entire Technology and Innovations group.

He received a BS in Finance from St. He is responsible for all aspects of cybersecurity across Blackstone as well as managing a small portfolio of investments in leading early-stage cybersecurity companies. Fletcher led the International Security organization for Equifax, coordinating a global security program across 14 countries, each with different business, regulatory, and privacy requirements.

Fletcher received a B. Flynn worked at J. Flynn received a B. David I. Foley actively leads our investment activities in the midstream sector and provides guidance and support to the other BEP senior investment professionals, who each have primary responsibility for specific sectors. Forman currently focuses on new investment opportunities in the studio, data center and retail sectors.

David R. Fox is a Managing Director, having joined Strategic Partners in Fox sits on the Investment Committee for each of the Strategic Partners funds and is an advisory board member of multiple funds. Fox attended Purdue University where he graduated with Distinction with a B.

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