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Recognizing the popularity of casino parties and how much guests love them, many companies have begun to organize these events for their employees. They have stepped out of the mainstream corporate events and are now giving their employees something they truly enjoy. The reason employees love casino parties is because they are completely different from company picnics and other parties where there is nothing that can entertain them.

At a casino parties, employees can play casino games like roulette, poker, blackjack, craps, money wheel, etc. There is no other corporate party that can provide this much entertainment to your employees. Have we piqued your interest in casino parties?

Do you want to throw the perfect casino party for your employees that they all will love? The first thing you must do is decide on your budget. Costs can mount as you move forward with planning so it is important to set your budget early; otherwise, you will end up breaking the bank in hopes of throwing the perfect casino party for your employees.

If you have a high budget, we recommend that you go all-out with professional catering, elaborate decorations, professional props, a marquee, professional dealers, hired waiters and help, and include as many casino games as you can. Stay on the safe side and choose an indoor venue that can accommodate your guests. They are mistaken! A theme is essential for a casino party and if you follow through on it, it will knock the socks off your employees when they enter the party.

If you wish to bring sophistication and class to your casino party, go with a Casino Royale. Your invitations should tie in the theme. When inviting your employees, convey to them the theme of your event and the dress code. If you are planning a Casino Royale party, ask your male employees to dress up in black and white with a black bow to augment the theme while women should take this opportunity to take their most glamorous dresses and sparkling jewelry out.

After you have decided the theme and invitations, the next thing you need to do is turn your space into a casino. Make the best of what you got. Cover the tables with green, black and red tablecloths to give your party a real casino feel.

Throw in props like chips, lights and cards. Turn doors into playing cards or make your own gigantic dice with the help of cardstock or Styrofoam cubes. There are many possibilities for decorations — let your imagination lose and you may come with something extraordinary on your own. The most important part of casino parties is the casino games.

It is essential to choose the games that all your employees will love to play so that everyone can have fun. Blackjack and Poker are incredibly popular. In addition to Blackjack and Poker, you could also include roulette, baccarat and money wheel. This will allow all your employees to participate and play the games they are good at.

You can hire a casino party planning company to bring all casino games to your casino party and offer your employees a variety of entertaining games to play. Alternatively, if wish to go DIY, you could set up different zones for dice games, poker and other card games.

The gaming equipment can also be rented at an affordable price. The prizes you need depend on how you wish to award them. Are you offering a grand prize to the person with the most chips at the end, or are you looking to have them bid on prizes via auction style? Be sure to choose prizes that appeal to the age and gender of the guests you are planning to invite.

For more advice on how to make your Casino Night a success, or to book your Casino Party today, contact the professionals at Casino Unlimited. Our decades of experience helping to plan Casino parties throughout Pittsburgh and the Tri-State area means that you are getting the benefit of our expertise! We look forward to helping you plan your Casino Party! Casino Parties in Pittsburgh Need some tips on how to throw an epic Casino Party that your guests will not only enjoy, but remember for years to come?

Food and Beverage Refreshments are an important part of any party. Decorations When it comes to decorations, the creative possibilities are endless! Prizes The prizes you need depend on how you wish to award them. Author Recent Posts. Elizabeth Micenko.

Office Manager at Casino Parties Pittsburgh. For over 20 years, Liz has been working in the entertainment industry. She has spent the past 12 as an office manager for Entertainment Unlimited of Pittsburgh and helping develop Casino Parties Pittsburgh.

Her expertise has help people plan wonderful Casino Parties and fundraisers. Latest posts by Elizabeth Micenko see all.

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