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Wisconsin casinos poker rooms

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Some sites might even allow registration from abroad. Where can I familiarize myself with the official regulations over gambling in Wisconsin? Most experts recommend using standard credit or debit cards. Visa and MasterCard tend to be very reliable, but many players have reported some issues with American Express cards in the past.

Wisconsin-friendly sites usually allow you to choose between a wire transfer and a check by courier. Your money is guaranteed to be safe with all the sites listed here, as all of them have been thoroughly tested by our experts and are considered to be trustworthy by the local gambling community. Regulated gambling in Wisconsin area is managed by Wisconsin Div. In addition, Wisconsin offers pari-mutuel betting, which is available at the local racetracks, as well as some forms of charitable gambling and a state-controlled lottery.

Since , states have been required to negotiate casino compacts with Native American tribes. Wisconsin founded the Office of Indian Gaming Regulatory Compliance in — since then, casino gambling has been legal in the state. Eleven tribes have since taken advantage of their opportunity to open a Class III casino, and Wisconsin is now home to more than 20 tribal casinos. Commercial casinos that are not affiliated with a native tribe or located on tribal land remain illegal.

Located in the southwest part of Wisconsin, it hosts more than 2, slot machines, table games including blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat , a table poker room open 24 hours a day, nine different places to eat and drink, a seat theater, and a room hotel. There is also a casino in Madison and three more located in Green Bay. The establishments are spread out over 16 counties and stretch north to Lake Superior and west to Danbury near the Minnesota border.

Most casinos in the state are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patrons must be at least 21 years old. Thanks to a Federal Act that was passed towards the end of the s, Native American tribes are allowed to pursue their own brick and mortar casinos so long as the state government approves it. In Wisconsin, the state has approved measures for tribal casinos.

Unfortunately, this is the only type of casino that exists in the state. There are no other commercial casinos located anywhere in Wisconsin, but you can rest-assured knowing that there is a wealth of tribal gaming locations.

If Wisconsin was motivated to make sports betting legal, the easiest workaround would be to adjust the tribal gaming charter. This would not require any changes to the constitution. However, the state would only be required to renegotiate terms with its 11 tribes if it allowed others to engage in legal sports gambling.

For the past two years, the state of Wisconsin has been trying to pass a law that would both legalize and regulate daily fantasy sports. The most recent attempts were Senate Bill and Assembly Bill , which both failed to pass in March of after a series of fiscal impact studies were released.

It is unclear if and when another attempt to pass a law will be pursued. In the meantime, lawmakers in Wisconsin have made no attempts to shut down access to DFS sites, so all major companies are operating within the state. Because all efforts have been geared toward legalizing DFS, the next expected step is full access. Horse racing is legal in Wisconsin. However, there are no more permanent tracks in operation.

Harness racing has a long history in the state, and you can still attend live harness racing during the summer fair season. You can watch simulcast racing and place bets on horse and greyhound races from across the country at:. You must be at least 21 years old to play. There are no legal poker rooms located anywhere off tribal land. Unlike in many other states, poker games held at private homes are not exempt from this law, although prosecution appears non-existent.

The Wisconsin Lottery has been around since and uses its revenue to give state residents property tax relief. Along with scratch-offs, you can play the following draw games:. All tickets must be purchased at an authorized retail outlet, and all winnings must be claimed within days. You must be at least 18 to play. Along with several bingo halls and games hosted at tribal casinos, authorized non-profit charities can obtain a license to hold bingo games as fundraisers.

The following regulations apply to such events:. Outside of the tribal casinos, bingo offerings in the state are few and far between. When Wisconsin was officially sanctioned as a state back in the mids, there were strong anti-gambling sentiments. To this day, many of the statutes that were created in the 19 th century are still in effect. Over the years there have been some small changes made to allow individual forms of gambling, however widespread, legalized casinos are something that still seem like a foreign concept to most Wisconsinites.

Or peruse our comprehensive overview of what Intertops has to offer to answer any questions you might still have. As befits its name, Americas Cardroom accepts action from players distributed across the United States, including Wisconsin. It's a part of the Winning Poker Network , a group that has earned the 2 spot in the U. It also contains a semi-randomized prize pool, but it seats nine rather than three. More standard-issue sit-and-go action can be had at prices both low and high.

Special series, like the Online Super Series , boast multiple millions of dollars in total prize pools. The Million Dollar Sunday pops up every couple of months. Whether you enjoy ring games, sit-n-gos, or multi-table tournaments, you'll be able to accrue additional rewards through the Elite Benefits program as well.

Click through the link above to get started at Americas Cardroom. You may wish to pore over our review page for ACR too to glean more info about this poker site. As part of the Winning Poker Network, Americas Cardroom is in partnership with several other firms that combine their efforts together.

This poker network model enables them to offer a larger and more sophisticated poker platform than any one of them could separately create. For instructions on how to request rakeback at any of these sites, browse over to our page describing the various WPN rakeback deals that are available. None of the above poker sites can be labeled as the best one for all players. This is because every poker fan in Wisconsin has his or her own needs and preferences when it comes to putting real money on the line.

You'll have to consider what you value most in a poker operator and the types of games you like to play as you attempt to make your decision. While we can't make up your mind for you, we can present you with a series of points to ponder over as you mentally weigh the pros and cons of each option.

If overall traffic levels matter most to you, then you may wish to sign up for the Winning Poker Network or Ignition. If mobile or Mac compatibility is a must for you, then Chico and Ignition have the software you seek. If you want to be able to bet on poker, casino games, and sports from a single account, then take a look at Chico and Horizon.

If you wish to sample the frenetic pace of fast-fold poker, then Ignition's Zone Poker is the only such product in the American market. All of the sites we've told you about are willing to send you your winnings via check, and some of them have additional cashout processors available too. Unfortunately, due to the state of U. You can avoid these hassles by using Bitcoin for all your poker-related money movements. It carries low fees while remaining among the speediest ways to transfer your cash around online.

To familiarize yourself with how to correctly utilize this crypto-currency, you can read our beginners guide to using Bitcoin for online poker. The legislators in Wisconsin haven't drafted any laws specifically defining whether or not poker, in either live or online formats, is legal. We'll have to delve into the statutes that deal with gambling in general to gain some insight into this matter.

Parts 2 and 3 clearly don't apply to online poker, but 1 might. We need to understand what the state considers a bet in order to make this determination. We can find this out by looking at the definitions contained in There is a list of permitted activities that don't count as betting, including futures contracts, insurance, and regulated forms of gaming delineated in other portions of Wisconsin law.

There's no definitive answer to this debate, and it's decided in different ways in separate jurisdictions. It is interesting, though, that no less a legal authority than Federal Judge Jack. Weinstein opined in that poker is a skill game. In , a group of Madison-area poker players sought clarification from the judiciary as to whether or not poker was illegal in the state. Unfortunately, the judgment went against them. While admitting that skill plays the dominant role in long-term poker results, Circuit Judge Richard Niess stated that he was bound by existing case law in State vs.

Morrisey from , which held poker to be a form of illegal gambling. Other authorities in the Badger State have periodically expressed their view that poker is not allowed under the law. However, it's one thing for a law to be on the books and quite another for it to be actually enforced. Wisconsin officers and prosecutors have opted to make enforcement of the gambling laws a very low priority indeed.

Not only have there never been charges filed against an online poker player, but the authorities seems to be reluctant to go after any regular player for engaging in any gambling game whether over the internet or in a brick-and-mortar establishment.

You need not have any legal fears about playing online poker. It's a different story for those actually running illicit gaming enterprises. All the evidence points to the fact that the offshore gambling sites don't take these possibilities very seriously at all. All the poker sites that accept Americans from other states also accept those from America's Dairyland.

Their legal teams have probably told them that they have nothing to worry about. As is the case in virtually every state that offers regulated real money gaming, Wisconsin specifically declares it to not be covered by the normal gambling statutes. These types of activities are bingo and raffles for charitable purposes, pari-mutuel wagering, the Wisconsin Lottery, and Indian gaming.

Gambling in Wisconsin predates the arrival of European settlers. The moccasin game was a native gambling game where one player would hide a small object underneath one of four moccasins, and the other would try to guess where it was.

The tribes of the area often engaged in chunkey, a game involving throwing a spear at a rolling stone in an attempt to come the closest to the final stopping point of the stone. Gambling on who would win was a favorite pastime. A chunkey stone dating from between - has been unearthed near La Crosse. La Crosse was the site of other gambling activity later on. Despite the fact that the Wisconsin constitution of prohibited gambling, La Crosse's location at the junction of the Mississippi, Black, and La Crosse rivers meant that it was a focal point for transient visitors looking for games of chance.

Saloons sprouted up during the s, containing not just drink but also gambling and sometimes prostitution. These establishments often disturbed the peace at all hours of the day and night, and an angry mob gathered on July 6, and burned one of the largest of them to the ground. This marked a turning point in the city, which then decided to hire policemen and clean up its act.

Another municipality that became infamous for its vice scene was Hurley in the s. These hardworking men, after weeks or months at their job sites, would head into Hurley to spend their accumulated pay. In , Hurley hosted 60 saloons — an amazing total for a town with a population of just over 2, This trade continued into the 20th century and the Prohibition era. During this same era, wagering on dog racing became briefly popular. Another type of gambling that appeared was slot machines particularly in the area around Elkhart Lake.

The lake was home to many resorts, which endeavored to boost their profits with slots. Local police ignored these infractions, but the state got involved and started to raid these properties in By , slot gaming had been basically stamped out. In order to permit most forms of legalized real money games, Wisconsinites had to amend the constitution, which still contained a blanket ban on gambling. The first game to pass this hurdle was charitable bingo, which was authorized in Next came charitable raffles in The Wisconsin Lottery arrived in In the same year, on-track, pari-mutuel betting on horse, dog, and snowmobile races was authorized.

Of the three types of racing, only dog racing has actually materialized within Wisconsin. However, the last greyhound racing facility closed down in , and so this form of wagering, while still legal, can't be found within state borders. In the late '80s, a lot of legal wrangling commenced between state leaders and tribal groups that wished to set up gaming casinos. There were a few setbacks, but by , the state had signed compacts with 11 tribes, and the first casinos opened up shortly thereafter.

Wisconsin is has a surprisingly low chance of regulating gambling. Despite the liberal tendency of neighboring states, Wisconsin has a much more conservative population and legislative branch. Of course, it does vary some, and the overall makeup of the state government can change pretty drastically.

Nevertheless, there is likely to be little desire to regulate online gambling. Wisconsin has a plethora of land-based gambling although there aren't any commercial casinos. Luckily, the tribes in Wisconsin pick up the slack so there is actually not a lack of traditional casino-style gambling establishments. Between the 11 federally recognized tribes, there are close to two dozen casinos.

Much of this likely is because of the proximity to Chicago and the large and established gambling industry in said city. There still are good games to be found in Wisconsin though and local poker tours have been opening up more lately to adding Wisconsin on to their list of stops.

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Within a radius of Milwaukee you will get to at least two casinos with decent travel times and nice live poker offers. In Milwaukee the judisdiction of the federal state Wisconsin Wisconsin applies. If you want to host legal poker home games in Milwaukee, you must follow these rules. If the poker round is not public, it can be legal in general and does not have to justify any criminal liability. A poker round is public after the jurisdiction in Wisconsin Wisconsin, if "it is made outwardly recognizably accessible to a not firmly closed circle of acquaintances".

A good example of this is cash games in pubs in Milwaukee that anyone could join. It's forbidden. If the poker game takes place habitually, it is prohibited in private rooms in Milwaukee as well as in public. So, if cash games are hosted for every week on the similar day, it does not matter if it is a private room or not. Both are not allowed. Please be aware that online poker is regulated in most states.

There are currently 4 states that offer legal online poker for real money in the United States — New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Pennsylvania became the latest to join this group when PokerStars went live in the state on Nov. Playing on this sites is on your own risk. We rated them for you.

Poker -in. Legal notice: Is it legal to play poker Milwaukee? Comparison Winner. Our Rating Very Good. Our Rating Good. Americas Card Room. Black Chip Poker. Sportsbetting Poker. Top Rating. Good Rating. Get the Deal. There are a few non-smoking areas scattered throughout the casino, but the cleanest air is found upstairs next to the bingo hall.

As a non-smoker, I try to stay upstairs because it is primarily non-smoking. Parking is plentiful, easily accessible, and free. The poker room has 20 tables and friendly dealers. Players can call-in one hour ahead of time to get put on the waiting list I strongly recommend doing so. I'm not much of a gambler and go with the expectation that I will end up leaving a donation.

Fortunately, that allows me to enjoy the time and not destroy my budget. This is a friendly casino with some decent variety. The non-smoking sections are a bit less cloudy than the smoking areas, but not by much. The smoking areas seem to have more games, but the air quality is really horrendous. The casino really needs to put in some additional ventilation and air scrubbers.

Parking and access is easy. Visited the Casino and the Bar Area. Had fun playing the slot machines. Good Parking and clean environment! First off, let me say that Potawatomie is a very nice casino. They have some of the latest games and the place is generally very clean.. Ate at the Italian restaurant on the 2n d floor and the food was excellent.

Now to the gaming. I'm not being a sore loser, but my gosh the payouts are awful. It was the two-seater Buffalo Grand game near one of the entrances. That is just wrong. That is just flat out robbery.

Should he have known to walk away, sure, but c'mon, the guy didn't even have a fighting chance. I put in so many 20's on different machines and got absolutely nothing. I don't expect to win, but I would like to be entertained for a bit. I guess when there is no competition, you can make these machines as tight as you want. The worst casino ever! We have visited several times over the years while traveling and everytime they didn't pay out.

They are always busy, and I can't figure that one out whatsoever. Spent WAY too much money on slots and food at this casino. Hell no! Yes, a travel to get there, but have always had better luck at those Wisco casinos. I rate this casino POOR. Stayed for two nights, rooms are very nice. Shame that there is no place to eat unless it is in the casino. The casino is extremely smoky even in the non smoking area, which is right next to the smoking section.

Also the non smoking area has only 30 slot machines, nothing else to play, nor a bar or a place to get beverages. It was fun for two nights, doubt I would go back or suggest it to others. They really need to do something about the air quality, which I think is the biggest detractor.

Way too smoky! Skip to main content. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

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